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0996-co B Vent
0037-co Babies - Slate Roof Repair
1290-co Back Up Heat for Heat Pumps - Testing
0736-co Backdrafting
1336-co Backer Rods for Caulking


0254-co ----- Height
0257-co ----- Related Foundation Cracks
1901-co ----- Settled Around Homes

Backflow Preventer

0864-co ----- Installed Backwards on Boiler
1235-co ----- Missing on Water Cooled Air Conditioners
0862-co ----- on Boilers
1345-co Baffles for Soffit Vents
1280-co Balance Point for Heat Pumps
1310-co Balanced Air Changes
1404-co Balancing Dampers and Flow Collars for HRVs
0885-co Balancing Methods for Hot Water Heating
1838-co Balconies
1536-co Ball Valve for Plumbing
0378-co Balloon versus Platform Framing
1849-co Baluster Spacing for Handrails and Guards

Barometric Damper

0840-co ----- Draft Regulator Problems
0839-co ----- for Oil Furnace
1022-co ----- on Wood Furnace
1214-co ----- Schematic
0040-co ----- Barrel Mission Style Straight Clay Tile


1332-co ----- Air
1331-co ----- Radiant
1332-co ----- Vapor


0898-co ----- Cast Iron on Hot Water Heating Systems
0897-co ----- Finned Tube on Hot Water Heating Systems


0387-co ----- Bearing Wall

----- Crack Repair

2091-co ----- ----- Drainage Layer
2090-co ----- ----- Epoxy and Polyurethane Injection
2092-co ----- ----- Exterior Patching
2079-co ----- Cracks
2089-co ----- Excavation and Dampproofing and Drainage Tile
1064-co ----- Fireplaces
0233-co ----- Floors Lowered with Bench Footings
0234-co ----- Floors Lowering with Underpinning
0258-co ----- Floors Provide Lateral Support
0798-co ----- Heat Registers
1388-co ----- Insulation - Adding Exterior
1389-co ----- Insulation - Interior - Adding

2088-co-and-2093-co ----- Interior Drainage System
2086-co ----- Keeping Dry by Controlling Surface Water

----- Leakage Clues

2097-co ----- ----- Crumbling Plaster and Drywall or Masonry
2094-co ----- ----- Efflorescence
2095-co ----- ----- Rot and Stains and Water Marks
2096-co ----- ----- Rust
1390-co ----- Moisture Control
2074-co ----- Problems - Wet - Causes
1840-co ----- Stairs - Exterior
0241-co ----- Stairwell - Exterior - Side View
0242-co ----- Stairwell - Exterior Insulated
2085-co ----- Sump Pump

1840-co-and-1887-co-1893-co ----- Walkouts
2087-co ----- Walls - Patching Cracks

2074-co-2089-co ----- Wet
2076-co ----- Windows and Stairs
0501-co Basic Electrical Concepts
0621-co Basins - Electrical Outlets Nearby
1923-co Baskets-Strainers at the Top of Downspouts
0620-co Bathroom Outlets and Switches
1720-co Bay Window

0309-co Beam-Joist Connection

0326-co ----- with Ledgerboard


0307-co ----- Bearing Simply versus Continuous
0306-co ----- Bolting of Wood Built-Up
0299-co ----- Continuous and Simply Spanned
0301-co ----- End Support
1853-co ----- for Decks and Porches
0311-co ----- Lateral Support for Steel
0312-co ----- Lateral Support for Wood
0297-co ----- Load Transfer
0327-co ----- Mortise and Tenon Joints
0305-co ----- Nailing of Wood Built-Up
0304-co ----- Notches or Holes
0295-co ----- Part of House Structure
1855-co ----- Poor End Support
0250-co ----- Punching through Foundation Wall
0303-co ----- Rotated or Twisted
1856-co ----- Rotation or Twisting - Exterior

----- Sag
1854-co ----- ----- Exterior
0300-co ----- ----- Sight Along
0298-co ----- Steel Attached to Joists
0296-co ----- Stresses

0295-co-0313-co ----- Structural
0278-co ----- Wood - Air Gaps at Ends


0391-co ----- and Partition Walls - Identification
0429-co ----- for Rafter
0203-co ----- Strength of Soils
0381-co ----- Wall Holes and Notches in Top Plates
0387-co ----- Wall in Basement
0382-co ----- Wall Metal Ties for Single Top Plates
0400-co ----- Wall Offset
0380-co ----- Wall Top Plate T-Connection
0383-co ----- Wall with Lintel
1704-co Bell-Cast Eave
1928-co Below Grade Downspouts - Abandoned
1877-co Below Grade Garages - Drains
0782-co Belt Drive and Direct Drive Blowers for Furnaces
1255-co Belt or Pulley Adjustment for Fan for Air Conditioning
1712-co Belt-Course
0233-co Bench Footings
0524-co Bent Electrical Service Masts
0746-co Bi-Metallic Thermostat
1294-co Bivalent Heat Pump
0020-co Black Label Wood Shingles
1529-co Bladder Type Pressure Tank for Wells
0092-co Blisters in Built-up Roofing Membranes
0804-co Blockage Switches on Forced Air Furnaces
0321-co Blocking and Strapping and Bridging for Joists
0377-co Blocks and Bricks - Hollow Channels must be Vertical
0782-co Blowers for Furnaces - Belt Drive and Direct Drive
0020-co Blue Label Wood Shingles
1791-co Board-and-Batten Siding


0871-co ----- Air Separators
0872-co ----- Aquastat - Primary Control
0873-co ----- Aquastat Inoperative

0862-co ----- Backflow Preventer

0864-co ----- ----- Installed Backwards
0856-co ----- Copper Tube Heat Exchangers
1150-co ----- Electric

----- Feed Pump

1113-co ----- ----- for Steam Heat
1112-co ----- ----- Location for Steam Heat
0878-co ----- Flow Control Valves

----- Gas
0853-co ----- ----- Conventional
0854-co ----- ----- High Efficiency
0860-co ----- High Temperature Limit Switch
0849-co ----- Hot Water and How They Work
0861-co ----- Low Water Cut-Out Hot Water

0866-co ----- Pressure Reducing Valve

0863-co ----- ----- Location
0870-co ----- ----- Relief Valve Installed Backwards

0857-co ----- Pressure Relief Valves

0859-co ----- ----- Inspecting
0858-co ----- ----- Location
0874-co ----- Pump Control
0865-co ----- Temperature and Pressure Gauge
0868-co ----- Water Pressure Set too Low
0908-co ----- with Bypass Loop
0867-co ----- with Combined Pressure Reducing Valve and Pressure Relief Valve
0877-co ----- with Outdoor Air Temperature Sensor
0881-co ----- with Series Loop
0906-co ----- with Sidearm Heater
0905-co ----- with Tankless Coil

----- with Zone Control

0875-co ----- ----- by Pumps
0876-co ----- ----- by Valves
1012-co ----- Wood
0306-co Bolting of Built-up Wood Beams
0555-co Bonding of Electric Service Box to Ground
0554-co Bonding of Neutral and Ground Wires Downstream of Service Box
1514-co Bored Wells
1720-co Bow Window

0370-co-and-1764-co Bowed Brick Veneer Wall - Older Home
0251-co Bowing Foundation Results in Excess Brick Overhang

0316-co-and-0369-co-and-1767-co Bowing of Masonry Walls
0372-co Bowing of Solid Masonry Wall due to Tie Failure
1002-co Bracing for Metal Chimneys
0450-co Bracing of Compression Webs in Trusses
0973-co Bracket Chimneys
1710-co Brackets and Dentils
0535-co Branch Circuit Over-current Devices
0536-co Breaker and Fuse-type Electrical Service Boxes
0509-co Breakers and Fuses
1087-co Breast for Fireplace Settled Gap at Wall
0086-co Breast for Fireplace
0212-co Brick Foundations with Masonry Walls
1761-co Brick Mortar Joints
0251-co Brick Overhang Excessive on Foundation
1758-co Brick Repointing

0353-co-and-0402-co-0411-co Brick Veneer Wall

1764-co ----- Bowed - Older Home
0370-co ----- Bowed in Older Home
0402-co ----- Construction Detail
0280-co ----- Detail

0403-co-and-1765-co ----- Masonry Tie Detail
0406-co ----- Weep Holes
0358-co ----- with Steel Lintel

Brick Wall

1767-co ----- Bowing
0077-co ----- Flashing with Roof Intersection Below
1762-co ----- Mortar Joints
1766-co ----- Needs Lateral Support
0354-co ----- Terminology
0377-co Bricks and Blocks - Hollow Channels must be Vertical
0321-co Bridging and Strapping and Blocking for Joists

0701-co-and-1300-co British Thermal Unit
0046-co Broken Concrete Tiles
1719-co Broken Pediment

0701-co-and-1300-co BTU
1133-co BTUs per Hour versus Kilowatts
0030-co Buckingham Slate
0292-co Buckling of Columns
0709-co Building a Chimney
0227-co Building Crack Shapes
0225-co Building Crack Size Analysis
1333-co Building Paper versus Housewrap
0221-co Building Settlement - Types
0224-co Building Settlement due to Cut and Fill Excavation

1700-co-1743-co Building Shapes and Details

0089-co-0096-co Built-up Roofing

0108-co ----- Membrane - Curbed Edge
0107-co ----- Membrane - Edge Details
0090-co ----- Membrane - Four-ply
0092-co ----- Membrane Blisters
0104-co ----- Roof-Wall Flashing
0112-co ----- Roof-Wall Flashing - Low Quality

Built-up Wood Beam

0306-co ----- Bolting
0305-co ----- Nailing
0823-co Buried Oil Storage Tank


0832-co ----- Atomizing Oil
0743-co ----- Crossover Igniter
0742-co ----- Gas Supply
0741-co ----- Monoport - Gas
0734-co ----- Natural Draft Gas
0749-co ----- Scorching

Burner - Oil

0840-co ----- Barometric Damper Problems
0825-co ----- Clearance From Oil Storage Tanks
0833-co ----- Flame Retention Head
0838-co ----- Flame Sensor
0835-co ----- Inspecting

Bus Bars

0585-co ----- Electrical Wires should not Cross
0580-co ----- in Fuse Panels
1800-co Butt Joint Detail on Vertical Siding
0002-co Butterfly Roof

0259-co Buttress

0270-co ----- Pulling away from Wall
1042-co Bypass Damper on Catalytic Wood Stove
0908-co Bypass Loop on Hot Water Heating System

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