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The Basics
----- 1300-co British Thermal Unit BTUs
----- 1301-co Latent heat of vaporization
----- 1302-co Mechanisms of heat transfer
----- 1303-co People releasing heat
----- 1304-co Thermal conductivity
----- 1305-co Conductance
----- 1306-co Two comfort strategies
----- 1307-co Convective loop
----- 1308-co R-value per inch
----- 1309-co Recommended insulation levels
----- 1310-co Balanced air changes
----- 1311-co Absolute and relative humidity
----- 1312-co How moisture moves
----- 1313-co Stack effect
----- 1314-co Neutral pressure plane
----- 1315-co Dew point
----- 1316-co Vapor diffusion
----- 1317-co Drafty is good for houses
----- 1318-co Adding new siding can trap moisture
----- 1319-co Moisture control in hot climates
----- 1320-co Differences between old and new construction
----- 1321-co Exhaust fans
----- 1322-co Direct vent appliances
----- 1323-co Heat recovery ventilator
----- 1324-co How depressurization can occur in houses
----- 1325-co Controlling moisture in hot climates
----- 1326-co Wall marks due to thermal bridging
----- 1327-co Insulation voids and convective loops
----- 1328-co Wind washing
----- 1329-co Forms of insulation
----- 1330-co Other types of polystyrene insulation
----- 1331-co Radiant barriers
Air-Vapor Barrier Vapor Retarders
----- 1332-co Air barrier versus vapor barrier
----- 1333-co Housewrap versus building paper
----- 1334-co Sill gaskets and electrical box enclosures
----- 1335-co Gaskets for electrical boxes
----- 1336-co Backer rods
----- 1337-co Caulking - indoors or out
----- 1338-co Pot lights
----- 1339-co Vapor barrier location
----- 1340-co Cover crawlspace floor
Venting Roofs
----- 1341-co Reducing attic heat with ventilation
----- 1342-co Preventing ice dams with ventilation
----- 1343-co Types and locations of vents
----- 1344-co Turbine vents
----- 1345-co Baffles for soffit vents
----- 1346-co Recommended amount of attic ventilation
----- 1347-co Venting cathedral roofs
----- 1348-co Venting mansard and gambrel roofs
Venting Living Spaces
----- 1349-co Three approaches to ventilation
----- 1350-co Exhaust system components
----- 1351-co Supply systems
----- 1352-co Heat recovery ventilators basic components
----- 1353-co HRV and ERV heat exchangers
----- 1354-co HRV heat recovery ventilator components
----- 1355-co HRV intake and exhaust locations
----- 1356-co Filters and condensate drains
----- 1357-co Defrost control
----- 1358-co HRV - integrated intake and exhaust
----- 1359-co HRV connections to furnace ductwork
----- 1360-co HRV attic installation
----- 1361-co Attic access hatch
----- 1362-co Stairwells to attic
----- 1363-co Pull-down stairs
----- 1364-co Secondary attics
----- 1365-co Risks of adding more insulation
----- 1366-co Wet insulation below vents
----- 1367-co Missing insulation at dropped ceiling
----- 1368-co Insulating knee walls
----- 1369-co Insulating skylight wells
----- 1370-co Ducts in attics
----- 1371-co Insulation too close to chimneys
----- 1372-co Air-vapor barrier incomplete or wrong location
----- 1373-co Potential air leakage locations
----- 1374-co Recommended amount of attic ventilation
----- 1375-co Wet insulation below vents
----- 1376-co Turbine vents
----- 1377-co Attic power vents
----- 1378-co Delaminating sheathing
----- 1379-co Whole house fan with no insulating cover
Flat and Cathedral Roofs
----- 1380-co Insulating flat and cathedral roofs
----- 1381-co Evidence of insulation added
----- 1382-co Two different strategies for insulating cathedral-flat roofs
----- 1383-co Channeled vents versus cross ventilation
Walls above Grade
----- 1384-co Insulation short circuit
----- 1385-co Adding insulation to solid masonry walls
----- 1386-co Cold wall effect
----- 1387-co Drying potential of walls
Basements and Crawlspaces
----- 1388-co Adding exterior basement insulation
----- 1389-co Adding interior basement insulation
----- 1390-co Basement moisture control
----- 1391-co Insulating crawlspaces
----- 1392-co Clues - has insulation been added
----- 1393-co Rim joist insulation
----- 1394-co Do not insulate embedded joists
----- 1395-co Exposed combustible insulation
----- 1396-co Cover crawlspace floor
Floors over Unheated Areas
----- 1397-co Insulation in floors over unheated areas
Ventilation Systems
----- 1398-co Reducing moisture
----- 1399-co Exhaust fan conditions
----- 1400-co Cold-side ducts not insulated
----- 1401-co HRV intake and exhaust locations
----- 1402-co Furnace duct-HRV connection
----- 1403-co HRV exhaust grille locations
----- 1404-co Flow collars and balancing dampers
----- 1405-co HRV not interlocked with furnace fan
----- 1406-co Filters dirty or missing
----- 1407-co HRV core missing or dirty
----- 1408-co Trap in condensate drain

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